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Photon Lighting

Harvesting Light Fixture

Photon Energy will outpace solar energy within ten years at lower costs.

A simple exercise to understand the impact of this Technology...

Imagine any building in the world. Office building, sky scraper, hospital, super store, shopping mall, apartment or condominium complex, museum, sports arena, military, manufacturing facility. What is your pick? Write your choice down, or keep it in mind. Now, estimate how many light fixtures that use any light source. Fluorescent, LED, incandescent, sodium vapor, any bulb you chose, in the building of your choice.

Today, your building choice and every light fixture that you imagined can now collect up to 50% of the energy consumed through new photovoltaic (solar) technology, and that harvested energy can be used immediately, or stored with the ability to access that power on demand. The Technology now exists after 14 years of research and development. Photon Power, through the science of photonics will now compliment but soon overtake and out perform solar power.

You and Your organization can become a part of this technology, Now. Quantum's Direct Energy products allow the consumer to produce fully distributed electrical energy for industrial, institutional, commercial or residential use.