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Rare Earth

Rare earth is a term generally used to describe a group of earth metals known as fifteen lanthanoids along with Scandium and Yttruim. Lanthanoids are a group of fifteen elements that are further broken into two categories, light and heavy. Lanthanoids begin on the Periodic Table of Elements at Lanthanum an end at Lutetium. Rare Earth, referring to lanthanoids are truly misnamed as some of the seventeen elements found in the Earth’s crust are as common as copper.

Quantum Energy provides products and services throughout the rare earth supply chain. Mining, processing, distribution, and manufacturing of rare earth magnets.

Rare Earth Lab


Quantum Energy currently owns and controls significant mining property at its Willwood Laboratory and Processing Facility. This 163 acre former Air Force Base was purchased by Quantum in 2018 and is permitted by the State of Wyoming for rare earth mining. The Company currently does not perform any mining operations. The Willwood property was purchased for its ability to operate its fully permitted rare earth laboratory and processing facility. As a benefit the property was also granted rare earth mining rights. Quantum Energy will continue to purchase strategically located mining hedges in the form of real estate investments in the future.


Quantum Energy is an active importer of rare earth oxides and metals to the United States for its customers and its own use. If you need help sourcing rare earth oxides and metals for your manufacturing process Quantum Energy has a staff of industry experts to help you source the vested valuable products available. As of September 2023, Quantum stocks many rare earth elements, excluding’s scandium and yttrium for resale to select customers, strictly following local state and federal law. If your organization is interested in purchasing rare earth oxides and metals please contact us for pricing and availability.